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2/5/23 - Knee Pain with Squats

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💥Have you ever said, “I have bad knees”, or “Squatting hurts my knees”, or “my knees always hurt when I workout”?

If so, your FEET may be the culprit. Yep!🤨😮

As I demonstrate in the video, when your arches collapse and your feet roll inward, your entire knee rolls inward, too. This puts so much pressure on your knee joint when you squat down.

I’ve had countless training clients over the years that really believed that their knees were just done and they were doomed to be in pain, never to squat again. Until I showed them this.

So do this:

✅ Take your shoes off and stand in front of a mirror.

✅ If your ankles and arches roll inward, try rolling them open to line up your knee joint.

✅ Hold that position through your foot as you squat halfway down, pushing into your hips.

✅ Then come back and tell me how that feels 😉

Do you have a friend with “bad knees”? Tag them in this video!! This could really help them out!